In Bollywood, The Adage Is Changed To “There Are Only Small Roles For Small Actors”

ARTWORK: MIRA MALHOTRA It was Russian theater legend, Konstantin Stanislavksi who once uttered the evergreen words, “there are no small roles, only small actors.” Actors across the world are not only familiar with this adage but firmly believe in it.… Continue Reading

Bollywood Over Hollywood And A Los Angeles Podcast’s Discussion of The Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, an annual film festival that showcases some of the most noteworthy films to come out of India that year, took place all of last week and so I was invited by the hosts… Continue Reading

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is Miffed That The Oscars Honored The Late Om Puri, But Bollywood Didn’t

The late veteran actor, Om Puri, who also starred in Hollywood films such as Charlie Wilson’s War and The Hundred-Foot Journey, was one of the actors who was featured in a special segment screened at the Oscars yesterday. The special… Continue Reading

Rangoon Film Review – A Big, Beautiful And Protracted Disaster

Vishal Bhardwaj is a man of immense talent. It would be futile to debate that. Even a skeptic can’t listen to one of his intricately composed songs or experience one of his powerful Shakespearean adaptations and deny that the renaissance man is… Continue Reading

Trapped – A Terrifying Film About Cabin Fever

The trailer for left-field filmmaker, Vikramaditya Motwane (Udaan)’s new film, Trapped, came out yesterday and it’s got me both salivating and scared out of my wits. Salivating because Trapped seems like a thoughtful, non-masala character piece in the same vein as… Continue Reading