Salaam aurr Namaste.

I am Rashad, an aspiring Palestinian Bollywood journalist currently based in the Middle East and the creator of the website, Bollywood Over Hollywood.

The name “Bollywood Over Hollywood” was borne out of a frustration of the strong hold Hollywood has over world entertainment and the negative results of that monopoly. Although Hollywood has sometimes been used as a vehicle for positive social change, it has also been a proponent of the ethnocentric idea that “White is better”, “White is more beautiful”, “White is smarter” which has had devastating effects on the consciousness of non-White people the world over.

Bollywood, as well as Tollywood, Kollywood and India’s other regional film industries, have thankfully always remained resilient in the face of this and continue to grow bigger and bigger in spite of Westernization.

What I aim to do with this platform is to take an analytical look at the ever expanding Bollywood film industry and try to deconstruct it and find its raison d’etre in the world today.

In other words, I take my Bollywood very seriously.



-Creator, Bollywood Over Hollywood.


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