My First Podcast – A Discussion On The Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, an annual film festival that showcases some of the most noteworthy films to come out of India that year, took place all of last week and so I was invited by the hosts of One Week Only, an  LA-based film podcast hosted by Indiewire journalist, Carlos Aguilar and filmmaker Conor Holt, to talk to them about the film festival’s line-up and Indian cinema in general.

Other topics we briefly touched on during the episode was the lack of a visible film industry in the Middle East as opposed to India, Western misconceptions of Bollywood, Indians’ polarizing reaction to the cultural behemoth that was Slumdog Millionaire and why I love Bollywood but hated La La Land so very, very much.

Having never participated in a podcast before, I was a tad bit nervous throughout the whole thing and thought afterwards that my answers weren’t as succinct or as witty as I hoped they would be but listening to it now, I’m pretty content with how it panned out.

Listen to the podcast episode below.




Bollywood Over Hollywood

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