Will Someone Please Extend An Olive Branch To Randeep Hooda?

Competent actor, Randeep Hooda, has had more disasters under his belt than Lindsay Lohan has had DUIs.

His latest debacle, Sarbjit, which was meant to be a sure-fire hit what with Aishwarya Rai starring in it and it being based on a popular tragic figure, was a mess.

Hooda’s only hits thus far in his career were films that should not have seen the light of day (the sexless Jism 2, and the legless Kick. Moreover, these hits were not at all reflective of the man’s intellect, a man who holds a Master’s Degree from Melbourne, Australia and was a socio-political columnist for the Asian Correspondent.

It’s tragic that the best thing he’s put his name to is fifteen years old. I’m referring to the Mira Nair classic, Monsoon Wedding, which saw a twentysomething Hooda play a socially awkward Indian Australian. The powerful dramedy was a transatlantic hit winning major awards at the Venice Film Festival and the Globes and grossing over $30 million on a shoe-string budget of $1 million.

Mira Nair has gone onto bigger and better things while Randeep is languishing in movies whose target demographic is probably neanderthals.

Someone please fax over his head shot to Mira’s casting agent with a note saying that the man is desperate and is willing to play a toothless hobo in her film if needed.

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