Will Jai Gangaajal be another Prakash Jha Snoozefest?

“I am a Bihari, politics is in my blood.” The always socially conscious filmmaker, Prakash Jha, said in an interview with Times of India. While I have yet to visit Bihar and therefore do not know much about the state, what I have been hearing for years is that it is one of the least developed states in the country with its initiatives on healthcare, infrastructure and socioeconomics always falling by the wayside when compared to other more developed states.

Prakash Jha has always attempted to put his finger on the pulse of the nation with his work, however, as earnest as his efforts might be, his latest films have been catastrophically bad. So bad in fact that I felt compelled to walk out of Satyagraha fifteen minutes into the film and did. Jha resorts to Bollywood histrionics and poorly structured stories to relay his messages, messages that the vast majority of Indians are already fully aware of.

What’s interesting about his upcoming film, Jai Gangaajal, is that Hollywood crossover star, Priyanka Chopra, is the film’s lead. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Priyanka is still very much involved in the Bollywood industry as though she never left, as if she’s not the lead in a successful TV show on an American network and has her face on Times Square, as if she’s not hobnobbing with Zac Efron and the Rock at a Sunday brunch. Loyalty is a rare commodity and the woman has it in spades.

I’m not entirely sure though if Priyanka, who was on every publication’s Best Dressed list for last night’s Oscars, could pull off donning a police uniform and becoming a champion of the people like an Indian Norma Rae. But that’ll be determined when Jai Gangajaal hits theaters this weekend.

Read the rest of the Times of India interview here.


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