Why Kuwait Banned These Bollywood Films In 2016

Although the following Bollywood films were screened in most countries around the world with no age restriction for viewership. For reasons unbeknownst to us, they were banned in Kuwait.



Estimated guess: Its grossly inaccurate, and some might say, disrespectful, depiction of a very tragic chapter in Kuwait’s history.


Estimated guess: The inclusion of Arab terrorists in the plotline even though the film is a credible account of real-life events.

Ki & Ka 

Estimated guess: Its gender-bending theme. Kareena Kapoor plays the breadwinner while Arjun Kapoor plays a stay-at-home dad. Censors might’ve thought that the film’s progressive ouevre flies in the face of Kuwait’s conservative culture.


Estimated guess: I got nothin’. Maybe censors just hated the  film because it’s a piece of shit.

Rocky Handsome

Estimated guess: Another piece-of-shit film. I wish Kuwait could just weed out all the godawful Bollywood films from the multiplexes by banning them. Honestly, Bollywood doesn’t deserve more unwarranted public vitriol than it already gets from Arabs.



Bollywood Over Hollywood

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