Trapped – A Terrifying Film About Cabin Fever

The trailer for left-field filmmaker, Vikramaditya Motwane (Udaan)’s new film, Trapped, came out yesterday and it’s got me both salivating and scared out of my wits.

Salivating because Trapped seems like a thoughtful, non-masala character piece in the same vein as  the excellent Queen and Kahaani. These films are unfortunately in short supply in the mainstream Bollywood sphere.

Scared out of my wits because it’s clearly a film about cabin fever, a scientifically recognized form of hysteria which a person experiences after being stuck alone in a confined location for a prolonged period .

I have experienced mild cabin fever before and it was a godawful experience. I was stuck in my dorm room for five days during my sophomore year of college because of a terrible blizzard that was raging outside.

Let’s just say that after the first few days, horrible thoughts start drifting in and out of my mind.

Trapped takes it a step further in that it tells the story of a man who is stuck in a Bombay high-rise for 25 days with a limited supply of food and water. After a while, he succumbs to a severe form of cabin fever.

The film premiered last October at the Jia MAMI Mumbai Film Festival and received a standing ovation.

It releases on March 17 and I suspect it’ll be the sleeper hit of the year.



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