The New All India Bakchod Video – Marketing Is Useless In Bollywood

Indian internet satirists, All India Bakchod, just dropped a hilarious new video on us about Bollywood’s lack of ingenuity when it comes to marketing.

It’s hilarious because it speaks the truth. Bollywood marketing has not only been at its nadir these past few years, it’s also a completely worthless endeavor.

Salacious item songs don’t work. Hashtags don’t work. Not even the godawful but still widely popular Beat Be Pooty Challenge which was meant to place butts on seats for The Flying Jatt, could not attain its end goal. The movie actually became one of 2016’s biggest flops!

Marketing will not sway any Indian to watch a bad film. Indians will only watch a film for ONE reason and one reason only – good word-of-mouth. And that’s a great thing because it means that good films with zero pre-release hype, thrive (think Neerja) and sucky ones are quickly disposed of like the fucking milk skin in a chai masala.


Watch the All India Bakchod video below and COMMENT.



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