The Best Thing Jacqueline Fernandez Has Ever Starred In // India’s Gender Gap Is Not Narrowing

With Kick, Brothers and Aladdin, arguably the worst offender, on her track record, Jacqueline Fernandez is not known for picking the creme de la creme of the Bollywood pre-production script pile.

So we were all delighted to see her in a socio-conscious public service announcement yesterday on bettering the overall treatment of women in the world in areas such as equal pay and ending violence.

The PSA is set to the gurrrl power pop classic, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls and has garnered a whopping half a million views in less than two days.

This message should resonate strongly with all audiences across the globe as there is no country in the world, neither developed nor developing, that should be considered a safe haven for womankind. 60,000 British women are sacked every year from their job due to pregnancy and rape cases have drastically increased even in countries with the narrowest gender gap namely Norway, Sweden and Denmark – Scandinavian countries.

Although we hear every day of a proud Indian father sending his hardworking “beta” to a reputable university in India or abroad, The National Crime Records Bureau of India released statistics recently bringing to light the deplorable conditions most Indian women face. One woman is physically abused in India every three minutes and every thirty minutes, a woman is raped.

Jacqueline Fernandez you did good. Unlike most Bollywood celebrities who make it a point to shun any sort of contentious socio-political epidemic in India, you starred in a PSA. And you did it with pizzaz.

Watch her do her thang below.

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