Sunny Leone Is The Only Bollywood Star To Be On BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women Of 2016 List

Former porn star/current Bollywood actor/the most Googled person in India, Sunny Leone is the only Bollywood female to be included on BBC’s coveted 100 Most Influential Women of the Year list

Bollywood A-list divas must be foaming at the mouths.

Meh. Fuck ’em.

To be able to brandish the sort of respect and national adoration someone with Mrs. Leone’s past does in a socially conservative country is a feat in and of its own.

Indeed, Indians have grown to love and embrace her own so much so that when an unethical, jerk off of a journalist attempted to pummel her with insults in an interview this year, thousands of Indians came quickly to her aid on Twitter.

One of the reasons being that while the jerk off of a journalist was being a jerk off, Mrs. Leone ricocheted his odious remarks by just being her assured, poised and pleasant self.

People saw her for what she is in that interview: a woman who is not afraid to back down from a challenge but will also never resort to aggression or bitterness.

Would it be a stretch to call her an idol for Indian women the world over?

The BBC thinks so and they don’t play around.


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