Rishi Kapoor and Totalitarian Directors

One wonders whether or not fascist-like tendencies are the hallmark of a great director when Bjork, who starred in Lars Von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark, famously ate a dress out of sheer frustration at the allegedly difficult Danish filmmamker. Or when David O. Russell kept changing his actor’s lines on a daily basis prompting Lily Tomlin to have a meltdown on the set of I Heart Huckabees.

And although Kapoor & Sons seems poised to be another winner for director Shakun Batra with everyone raving about it, one of the film’s stars, veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor, wasn’t pleased with the director, Shakun Batra’s style of work.

In a candid interview with DNA India, the actor complained that,

“I fought with him every day. Shakun wanted to cover every shot of mine from many different angles. But I am old-school spontaneous actor. I couldn’t recreate the same expression several times over for every shot. I respect all schools of acting. But I am not a method actor. With every successive shot I lose my spontaneity. We just fought every day. I sent a word to Karan Johar I will leave the film.”

But all’s well that end’s well.

It was all worth it. I am extremely happy with my work and film. I’ve no complaint at all with Shakun’s way work method. Because finally it turned out fine.

Kapoor & Sons opens on Thursday March 18th.


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