Kuwait Bans Befikre


We called it. My friend, Dana and I. The moment we saw Ranveer Singh schlepping around in revealing bright red briefs in the Befikre trailer, we knew Kuwait would ban it.

After all, it is a strict, Islamic country that has a zero tolerance policy for movies that have one too many graphic scenes.

A shame really since, barring the racy content, the film shows a lot of potential. For starters, its director, Aditya Chopra (the genius behind DDLJ), likened the story and feel of Befikre to a personal favorite of mine, the romantic comedy to end all romantic comedies, When Harry Met Sally!

Just the thought of watching a Bollywood tadka film a la DDLJ with the same kind of clever witticisms as When Harry Met Sally gets me salivating.

Such a bummer.

At least we’ve got this crazy catchy song to keep us going, right? What do you think of Kuwait banning the movie?




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