New Featured Artist – Mira Malhotra

I’m starting February 2017 off fresh, with a new featured artist, Mira Malhotra, whose graphic design work I’ve been admiring for quite some time now.

When I reached out to her a few months ago, we discovered that we share a lot of surprising common interests such as an unyielding love for Adam Yauch and feminist Riot Grrrl punk bands like Savages and Sleater Kinney.

This and the fact that I’m a big fan of her work is what made me decide that she just had to be Bollywood Over Hollywood’s new featured artist.

To say Mira’s work is vibrant would be a gross understatement, it’s a total celebration of the vividness of Indian urban life and life in general albeit with a subtle, contrasting streak of macabre running through it.

As its written on her website, her work is “colourful, humorous, charming and witty.”

In other words, it’s perfect for what I’m aiming for on the site.

I’ll be featuring Mira’s work in the “Schpiels” section of the site.


For more information on Mira Malhotra, you can visit her website: 

Bollywood Over Hollywood

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