Jacqueline’s Item Song (Rightfully) Offensive To Sikh Community UPDATE: No it isn’t!

A teaser for the item number, Sau Tara Ke, the probable first single off of the Dishoom soundtrack, shows Jacqueline Fernandez dancing seductively while a kirpan, the sacred Sikh blade, dangles from her waist.

A kirpan is worn by most Sikh men who have passed the age of consent and is one of the five articles of faith of Sikhism with the others being the Kesh (uncut and untrimmed beard), the Kangha (hair brush), Kara (metal bracelet) and the Kachera (cotton undergarments).


According to the Hindustan Times, “the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has now objected to “inappropriate use” of kirpan in a song in Varun Dhawan-John Abraham-starrer Dishoom. The body has requested Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to remove the song from the film.”

The reason why Jacqueline’s character is brandishing a kirpan remains elusive at this point but one thing is for sure. Either the director, Rohit Dhawan, has unintentionally committed a cultural faux-pas (which him being Punjabi and Indian, I don’t believe for one second) or he’s just being a total fucking douchebag.

Unlike PK and other films that have legitimately tried to challenge certain religious practices, Dishoom is marketing itself as a fun summer blockbuster thus there’s no rhyme or reason to this mess whatsoever.

Why no one in production spoke out against this also remains elusive.

Dishoom is set to be released on July 29.

The chances of me watching this schlock are the same chances I’ll be watching straight porn. Don’t expect a review.

UPDATE: Turns out, it wasn’t a kirpan after all! The video just dropped a few days ago and apparently it was shot in Morocco! The blade in question is a Middle Eastern dagger which closely resembles a kirpan!
Sorry everyone!


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