“I Ran Away From My Violent Husband And Became A Bollywood Stuntwoman”

BBC World News published a riveting story today of an Indian woman, who in her teenage years, was living a nightmarish life with her violent husband in Mumbai whilst trying to raise two children. Desiring to break free, she fled one day with her two children. But because she had zero education credentials, she struggled for years in Mumbai juggling between various degrading jobs until she landed a stunt gig one day in an Indian serial and from then on, everything started changing for the better for her.

The remarkable woman, Geeta Tandon, said, “My husband used to beat me every day. He beat me so hard I suffered from vertigo.” She escaped to a temple but not wanting to resort to begging, she naively took up a masseuse job unaware that it involves sexual acts.

She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“I wanted to do something with integrity. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and not feel guilty about anything I did.”

Thankfully, Tandon then found work as a backup dancer in the Hindi film industry, which led to am ever greater opportunity performing stunt work.

But it wasn’t all peaches and cream at first, one of her stunts caused her to be bedridden for months. “The doctor told me to rest, but I had to go back to work because I needed money for the rent and my children’s education,” she says.

Hundreds of stunts later, Tandon is now regarded as one of Bollywood’s few female daredevils. Indeed, there is no stunt Tandon would hesitate to do because her unmitigated desire to be an independent woman in a heavily male dominated society can withstand anything it seems.

Watch Tandon perform a car chase below.


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