Forget Superman, Fawad Khan Has Balls Of Steel

Pakistan has suffered two major losses this weekend:

1) That cricket game last night (Virat Kohli is a beast).

2) Their beloved crossover star, Fawad Khan’s very controversial role in Kapoor & Sons – a film we all thought would be a squeaky clean Bollywood family film.

I can see Pakistanis who’ve seen the film splitting into three camps over this. The first would say that Fawad Khan has brought shame to his country by agreeing to play an “anti-national” (that word gets brandied a lot by Indians and Pakistanis) role that is antithetical to everything Pakistan holds dear. The second would still love and respect Fawad but have not taken a shine to his role in the film. The third would rejoice over his boldness in bringing a deeply taboo subject in Pakistan to the fore.

Regardless of what one’s personal convictions are, it can’t be denied that Fawad Khan is an incredibly brave man. This is his second ever Bollywood film and he’s agreed to play a part that even liberal-minded Indian actors would be hesitant to take on. And the fact that it’s a mainstream film as opposed to an indie makes it all the more interesting.

I was looking at audience members’ reactions in the theater hall when his character revealed his true colors and was astonished to see two elderly Indian couples unfazed by it all.

The world is changing and I guess Bollywood has to follow suit at some point.

Kapoor & Sons was released on Friday, March 18 . The film that stars Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan has garnered rave reviews worldwide and box office figures show that Indian audiences are lapping it up too.

A review of the film will be posted shortly on the website.


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