Dishoom Banned In Pakistan – Bollywood Either Hates Pakistan or Panders To It

Buddy cop movie, Dishoom, starring John Abraham and Bollywood Ken doll, Varun Dhawan, opened last weekend in India and the rest of the world but was banned by the Pakistani Censor Board which ruled that the movie represented Pakistan in a bad light.

Whudda thunk it?

Well, everybody.

The premise of the film revolves around the kidnapping of a high-profile Indian cricketeer by some Pakistani mob boss. But, as the movie clarifies, the mob boss’ ulterior motive was money, and not anti-Indian sentiments.

Still, Dishoom‘s filmmakers should have known better than to make the villain Pakistani seeing as tensions between the two rivaling countries is very much palpable.

It seems as though Bollywood paints Pakistan with only two brushstrokes – it’s either an amoral hell hole (Phantom) or a country that needs severe pandering to (Bajrangi Bhaijaan).

In fact, there is one particular scene in Bajrangi Bhaijaan that is especially cringe-worthy and it seemed almost like the Indian filmmakers wanted to plant a big, wet one on Pakistan’s tuchus. It’s the scene towards the end of the movie where we see a Pakistani cop delivering a corny ass monologue that spoke about how Pakistan is the most loving nation on Earth and that Pakistanis must show kindness and love to their neighbor. *eyes rolling*

Listen, India is wonderful. Pakistan is wonderful. End of story.

Why can’t you all just hug it out without being OTT about it and kissing each other’s asses?

Because it’s Bollywood. I just answered my own question.


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