Priyanka Remains Loyal To India

Rumors about Deepika Padukone bagging a role in the next Brad Pitt starrer are spreading like wildfire in India with everyone from the Times of India to the vapid Miss Malini to possibly your grandmother yapping about it incessantly. Deepika is already working hard training for, what looks like, another schlocky Vin Diesel action movie but should this Brad Pitt starrer prove to be a Fight Club or, better yet, a Tree of Life, films that not only garnered critical acclaim but also brought in the moolah, then I can see Deepika saying adios to the Hindi film industry and setting shop in America.

Priyanka Chopra, on the other hand, has never struck me as that sort of person which is why even though her face is on Times Sqaure and she’s been seen on Instagram recently having a gay ole time with Zac Efron and The Rock, her loyalty for the country that gave her legs to stand on, will never falter. Her next Bollywood movie comes out next month and she’s got more in the pipeline.

Deepika is different. Deepika is a celebrity in every sense of the word, she has never said no to a product endorsement (Priyanka scoffed at skin-whitening creams’ offers, as well she should) and rest assured, she will always be present for the opening of an envelope. Yes, her performances in Piku and the Wes Anderson-channeling Finding Fanny were a testament to the fact that she isn’t just a pretty face, but she’s ultimately an apolitical, apathetic celebrity who excises her job in the same way a bio-chemical engineer excises his -with cold, detached, methodical precision.

Priyanka understands to some considerable extent the cultural impact associated with her craft, contributing fifty-plus socio-political columns to Hindustan Times about a range of topical issues from the ever-changing portrayal of Indian women on screen to the archaic, but still ongoing, practice of FGM.

But while neither Priyanka nor Deepika will ever I suspect morph into a repugnantly obnoxious Freida Pinto, Priyanka believes that, even if America shows her more love, there are no greener pastures than India while Deepika might find greener pastures elsewhere if the once-intangible West turns her into an even bigger, international superstar.


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