China’s Ever-Growing Love For Aamir Khan

While everyone in India is going berserk over Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, the epic drama that within only nine days set a new benchmark for Indian cinema by being the first film in the subcontinent to cross over 1000 crores at the box office, Chinese audiences are seemingly relishing  Dangal.

The critically acclaimed and commercially successful sports biopic raked in an astonishing 73 crores or $12 million in less than three days.

PK was also reportedly a huge hit in China upon its release in 2014. It grossed over 100 crores in its run at the box office becoming the first Bollywood film to do so in the country.

It’s unclear as to why China is so smitten with Aamir Khan but gives the other Khans the cold shoulder.

Maybe its because audiences there want more than just fluff for their cinematic viewing experiences.

That’s probably it.

Analysts predict that within a few years, China will take over America as the leading worldwide box office and if that’s the case Aamir’s already huge star power will soon reach dizzying heights.


Aamir Khan posing next to his new legion of fans in Beijing


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