Let’s Call 2017 What It Really Was – The Kick In The Crotch Bollywood Needed

The Khan films tanked and two thirds of the big-budget, “commercially viable” films that were churned out did too and justifiably so! The films were poorly executed, sorry excuses of tadka popcorn fare that deserved the hand they were dealt.… Continue Reading

The Reasons Why Indian Journalists Did Not Talk About Shashi Kapoor’s British Films

It was a bleak December day the day Shashi Kapoor left us. Every Indian publication wrote a loving tribute to the Bollywood icon detailing his many accomplishments from his symbiosis with Amitabh Bachchan and the great films like Sharmelee that came out of… Continue Reading

Why Bollywood Stars Should Keep Their Mouths Shut On The Padmavati Controversy

Before you all come at me with your digital pitchforks, hear me out. There is no question that, ideally, it would be great if everyone had everyone’s back in the industry and advocated for artistic integrity and freedom of expression. But… Continue Reading

Contrary To Popular Belief, Critic Reviews Still Mean Bupkis To Most Indians

Contrary to what many in the film industry have been speculating for the past few years now, today’s everyday Indian’s taste in cinema hasn’t “evolved” by leaps and bounds. He does not care whether Rajeev Masand liked a film in… Continue Reading

Shalom Bollywood – A Film That Every Bollywood Fan and Devoted Cinephile Needs To See

Among the many pernicious stereotypes surrounding American Jewry is that they control Hollywood. Unlike other stereotypes however, there is some truth to this. At the turn of the 20th century, when the film medium was still in its infancy, many… Continue Reading