Bollywood Celebrities Photoshopped To Raise Awareness on Violence in Kashmir

From Buzzfeed India:

“Pakistan-based welfare society Never Forget Pakistan posted an album on their Facebook page called “What If You Knew The Victim?” The album features photoshopped images of celebrities, with pellet and bullet wounds on their faces, to highlight the violence in Kashmir. Pakistani lawyer and activist Mohammed Jibran Nasir started the project along with artists Batool Aqeel and Murtaza Abbas, after he saw pictures of Kashmiri children’s faces mutilated with pellets.”

The Photoshopped images are harrowing. And personally, I am always glad whenever an NGO like Never Forget Pakistan highlights unseen atrocities.

For those who are unaware, extreme violence has been pandemic to Kashmir ever since the 1990s insurgency in which nationalists and separatist guerilla fighters waged a war against each other with some favoring to remain in India, others Pakistan and others wanting to be a sovereign state. This all resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of both fighters and civilians.

Violence in Kashmir has decreased significantly in recent years but spikes of violence emerge from time to time with the most recent spate taking on the form of violent protests following the murder of a popular Kashmiri militant a fortnight ago.

As a result, 40 people have died and 1,800 are seriously injured. The state of Jammu-Kashmir is currently an Indian territory although a portion of the state is administered by Pakistan and is called Azad Jammu Kashmir.

I, like many Indians, have always heard about the sheer beauty and wonder of Kashmir but have reservations about visiting it.

It is arguably the most beautiful state in India with arguably the saddest history.






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