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A couple of days ago, I found myself  staring at the old logo for an indiscernible amount of time like a passerby staring at a car wreck and I just knew it had to go. Neither I nor anyone I know liked it;  I just grew complacent to it because it was there to just serve a purpose. So I immediately got my old friend, Tarek Kabbani, a multi-talented artist, on the phone and asked him if I could come over to his art studio to hash out something really quickly.

I came over, we gorged on serotonin-creating Favarger chocolate, jammed for a bit, then started work. I gave him three adjectives to work with -“subdued”, “classic” and “quirky”. In no time whatsoever, he came up with the brilliant logo you see before you.

If anyone’s for looking a graphic designer, I can’t recommend Tarek Kabbani enough. Not only does the guy have an eye for this, he’s also a barrel of laughs which makes him a cinch to work with.

Here are his contact details:

Tarek Kabbani

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turkhimself/

E-mail: kabbani.t@gmail.com

Phone: +965 69926690



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